Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Concert - the Performance

What an exciting, scary, beautiful night.

Thank you so much to our family and friends who came to support us! We really appreciate your love and kindness. A special thank you to our parents, Craig and Cynthia Gale, without whom none of this would have happened. We feel blessed to be your children.

This afternoon we had a blizzard here in Utah. Some of our guest performers weren't able to make it to the concert and we greatly missed them. Hopefully they'll be able to perform with us at a future event.

Here's the only picture we were able to find from the actual concert. Our friend Michael Burton (who filmed our music video for "One World") recorded the concert for us. Hoping to get a copy soon to post on YouTube. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Concert - Setting Up

Getting ready for the big day! We're super nervous, but very excited.

Our very fancy dressing room

Dad and Tiffany setting up the backdrop

Program posted backstage

Tamara, Natalie, and our cousin Michelle Bate setting up chairs

Backdrop and pillars with pretty lights

The talented Bekah Ludlow

Our fantastic friend Sylvia Muhlestein

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Concert - Rehearsal

Today we prepared for our very first Christmas concert!

Here are a few pics from the rehearsal.

GaleSong practicing "Silent Night"; Tiffany arranged it for us. We sing it in 3 different languages: English, Indonesian, and Hawaiian

The whole group practicing "O Holy Night". Peter Bate, Papa Bate, Tanya Gale, Tiffany Gale,  Bekah Ludlow, Sylvia Muhlestein, Christina Gale Borrowman, and Tamara Gale. Yes, we always have amazing posture when we sing...

GaleSong practicing with our "air mics"

GaleSong practicing "Wexford Carol. Don't you love Natalie's pose?

John Sergeant, pianist extraordinaire, and A.J. Bate, aka Papa Bate, aka awesome singer

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Concert - the Invitation

You are cordially invited to our Christmas Concert! We've been working hard and look forward to performing for you.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recording "One Voice"

We recorded "One Voice" today at a small studio in Provo. It's one of our Dad's favorite songs. Hopefully it turns out well.

Pictures from our rehearsal Sunday night.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recording "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Today we recorded "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to send to America's Got Talent. One of our goals is to sing so well that we make our Mom cry with joy.

We made Mom cry, so we're happy with how it turned out. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AGT Adventure - Traveling Home

We drove through the night and it took us 10.5 hours to get home. We arrived in Provo, Utah at 7:30am. Dropped Christina off and the rest of the group went up to Orem, Utah. Tanya and Tiffany then dropped the van off at the rental place and we all enjoyed some much-needed sleep in our own, cozy beds. :)

Dinner before our long drive home...

Christina and Tiffany; they look a bit silly sleepy, don't they?

Tanya and Natalie; still smiling!

Our amazing, incredible, beautiful, supportive Mommy:

Tamara; don't worry, be happy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AGT Adventure - Auditioning for "America's Got Talent"

*This is the full-length version of our America's Got Talent audition. Be warned; it's quite long. Time to break out the popcorn and soda and settle down in a comfy chair!*

We woke up at 6:00 this morning to start getting ready for our audition. We tried to eat some breakfast, did our hair and makeup, packed up the van, and changed into our dresses. Arrived at the Convention Center just before 9:00am and parked in the garage. 

We went through the building and one of the organizers pointed us to the line of people outside. We walked out and as soon as the other people in line saw us they started clapping for us! It took us a minute to realize they were clapping for us. We felt a lot of support from that kind act.

Stood in line and showed the organizers our paperwork; there was a lot of it because there are five of us in the group! LOL. They gave Christina a blue wristband because she’s our designated spokeswoman, Mom got a grey wristband because she was there with Natalie (a minor), and the rest of us were given red wristbands. They gave us our number and Christina had to wear it on her dress, and then they took a picture of our group.

We talked to some of the other people in line and enjoyed looking at all the different costumes and outfits the other people were wearing. We made friends with a nice lady named Jenna who was also a singer. Her parents were in Georgia and her boyfriend had to work so she was alone. We were glad to have her stay with us the rest of the morning and had a nice time chatting with her.

We were let into the building in groups of about 25 or so. They led us up the stairs and to a desk where we turned in our paperwork and picture. They checked everything over and made sure it was complete and then gave it back to us.

We were then led into a “holding room” with hundreds of other people. Some of them had been there since around 5 in the morning! It was chaotic and crowded and fun. Every so often they would call about 20 numbers to go up and get ready to be led to their audition rooms. It was amazing to see all of the different people/talents there!

After a little while, they had everyone whose number hadn’t been called go back out into the entrance and they told us to shout and jump up and down while they filmed from different angles. There was a group of 5 dancers who were wearing “Wizard of Oz” type costumes and they were asked to go to the top of the stairs where they filmed them and the rest of us behind them.

Then they saw us in our matching dresses and had us go to the foot of the stairs. Natalie and Tanya, being the shortest sisters in our group, were in the front of us and the camera starting filming about 8 inches from their faces, focused on the rest of our group, and then the crowd behind us. It was very intimidating to have the camera so close!

They asked us to be really excited and we smiled and put our hands in the air. We’re all very shy and reserved so even though we were extremely excited, I don’t think it showed as well as some of the other people who put their whole body into it! Afterwards, the lady with a cool British accent who was kind of leading the whole procession told us that we were very sweet and demure. :)

Went back to the holding room and they filmed: the “Wizard of Oz” group (who were dancers), a Michael Jackson impersonator (complete with red jacket and one white glove), a breakdancer (who was very entertaining!), a lady dressed as a man with a top-hat (who did a monologue and then pulled off her hat to reveal she was actually a woman), and a Frank Sinatra impersonator (who had a very sweet, kind voice).

Then we all sat back down and after a bit they asked everyone to stand up and perform their talent while the camera crew went around and filmed. It was really loud and hard to hear but we had a fun time anyway. They had some people say “We’ve got talent” or “America’s Got Talent” while they were filmed.

After awhile they asked us to sit down and observe a minute of silence. It was nice to relax and have some peace for at least a little bit. Jenna listened to a relaxation CD after that and we ate some snacks. We tried to watch out for Mom and make sure her leg was propped up as much as possible.

One of the hardest things for us is that we didn’t when they were going to call our number to audition, so we never knew if we had time to eat or not. We all have varying degrees of hypoglycemia (low blood-sugar levels, kind of like diabetes) and as a result, we need to eat a lot of small meals during the day.

We didn’t know we’d be there for so long and we left most of our snacks in the van. That made it a bit harder later on in the day when we ran out of snacks and started going into “low-sugar-shock” (a term we made up). We were also nervous the entire day and had to make bathroom breaks quite often! That seemed to be a common theme for most of the other people in the room.

Sometime in the afternoon (our cameras and cell phones were in the car so we’re not really sure on times!) they called our number and Jenna’s number and we stood in line against the wall. Because we were in a group instead of solo singing, they put us in a separate, smaller line.

They led Jenna and the other solo singers to one audition room, and our small line was led to a different one. The couple ahead of us was a guy and lady in country/western clothes. They went into the audition room and we heard them sing for about 20 seconds and then they came out and left, looking sad.

We went into the room and stood around the X on the floor. There was a judge, a person behind a video camera, and another person behind a laptop. We introduced ourselves and sang “Beyond the Sea”. We smiled and performed the best we could and apparently did a pretty good job!

After we finished our song (it was longer than 90 seconds and afterwards we were quite surprised the judge let us sing the whole thing!) the judge was quiet for a few seconds. We stood there nervously but tried to look confident.

Then the judge started asking us a whole bunch of questions; what type of music we liked singing, could we sing more popular music, when we started singing together as sisters, and what would BYU think if we made it into “America’s Got Talent” (we think the professors and administration would be excited!).

The question that caught us most off-guard was what type of audience we normally perform for. We were silent for a few seconds and then started nervously giggling and answered that we’ve only performed for friends and family!

We guess that with our dresses, confidence, and song, we must look like professional performers!  He told us that he would love to work with us and that he was passing us on to the next audition! He said that if we thought it was hard singing in front of him, it would be even harder for the next one. He proceeded to give us quite a few tips for the next audition and told us that we should smile a lot because when we smile, it makes him smile. Awww!

We left the room and another nice guy started to lead us to the “Executives” room. He was very impressed that we had done so well for the judge and he told us that particular judge is one of the Executive Producers of “America’s Got Talent’! Wow. Maybe it’s better we didn’t know who he was until afterward. LOL!

We were led to a hallway with a few chairs against the wall. We met a nice magician who showed us some card tricks, a guy and a lady who were singers, and a young man who has an exceptionally long tongue (yes, that was his talent!)

We also saw some acrobats and a men’s group of about 10 who had black shirts, bright plaid pants, and pink and yellow tennis shoes. We heard them sing a little bit and they sounded really good.

We chatted with our new friends for awhile and one by one were called into the Executives room. Finally, it was our turn. We walked in and waved and smiled to them. They were very friendly and kind.

We introduced ourselves, handed them our DVD with our music video, and started singing “Beyond the Sea”. We were cut off in the middle of the song and they asked if we had another song. We sang from the middle of “One World” and then they were quiet for a few seconds. They asked us to go outside to the hall for a few minutes.

We were led into the hallway and anxiously awaited the judges’ decision. We were led back into the room and told that we were a “definite maybe”. We were a bit confused because we thought we’d be told that day if we were a yes or no. Mostly we were just excited that they didn’t say no right away!

We thanked them for their time and smiled and were led to the “Confessional”. A lady behind a black screen with a camera sticking out interviewed us. She had a kind voice and was very pleasant to talk to. Christina was our designated spokeswoman so she answered the questions as best she could. Mom said she was very articulate in her answers; that made Christina feel less like a goof!

We were then taken back into the holding room, which was now filled with people from the latest session (3-6pm). The camera crew there filmed us singing “America, we’ve got talent” and had everyone cheer for us. It was fun!

Then they took us to “Processing” and got all of our names, ages, and contact information. They also asked us to choose a couple of backup songs in case “Beyond the Sea” didn’t clear for performing on TV.  The ladies there were very sweet and we had a lot of fun chatting with them.

We then spoke to another kind gentleman who made sure our paperwork was in order, took another picture of us, and answered any questions we had. Natalie, who was very hungry by this point, asked if he knew where an In ‘N Out burgers was. He actually took the time to look it up on his laptop for us!

Everyone at “America’s Got Talent” was very pleasant and kind. They were organized and even though it was very slow at times, they did their best to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the opportunity to audition for such friendly people. We were very impressed with the whole experience.

We left the Convention center at 6:00pm and went to dinner. The In’N Out was quite a ways from us so we stopped at the first place we came to, a Dennys. Our waitress was very nice and we got our food really quickly. We enjoyed dinner and called Dad, David, and Keith to tell them the news, and then started the long journey home. 

Monday, March 10, 2008

AGT Adventure - Touring LA and Getting Ready for our Audition

Hello from Los Angeles!

This morning we practiced “Beyond the Sea”, “One World”, and “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” (just in case we needed a third song) in the hotel for several hours.

We went to the LA Convention Center so that we would know how to get there for our audition on Tuesday and then we went to lunch.

The rest of the day was spent touring Hollywood and celebrating Mom’s birthday! We stopped at several of our favorite stars on The Hollywood Walk of Stars and visited Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and enjoyed looking at all the hand and footprints there.

We even went to the Hollywood Bowl and practiced “Beyond the Sea” and “One World” in that beautiful outdoor amphitheater. We felt a bit like the Von Trapp children in “The Sound of Music” when they practice their songs outside before their big concert. :)

We drove down Sunset Blvd just as the sun was setting and then proceeded to get lost trying to find our way out of Beverly Hills.

Tiffany and Natalie went swimming for a little while when we got back to the hotel. The rest of us ordered pizza and watched the news. We tried to get to bed before midnight so we could get a little bit of rest before our big day. 

Welcome to Hollywood:

We had fun finding different Hollywood Stars (this one is Walt Disney):

Enjoyed seeing the hand/footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre:

And performing at the Hollywood Bowl! Our lovely audience of birds and a few squirrels loved us. Teehee: