Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Concert - Rehearsal

Today we prepared for our very first Christmas concert!

Here are a few pics from the rehearsal.

GaleSong practicing "Silent Night"; Tiffany arranged it for us. We sing it in 3 different languages: English, Indonesian, and Hawaiian

The whole group practicing "O Holy Night". Peter Bate, Papa Bate, Tanya Gale, Tiffany Gale,  Bekah Ludlow, Sylvia Muhlestein, Christina Gale Borrowman, and Tamara Gale. Yes, we always have amazing posture when we sing...

GaleSong practicing with our "air mics"

GaleSong practicing "Wexford Carol. Don't you love Natalie's pose?

John Sergeant, pianist extraordinaire, and A.J. Bate, aka Papa Bate, aka awesome singer