Friday, February 15, 2008

Recording the Music Track for "One World"

Tiffany bought the sheet music for "One World", arranged our parts, and emailed each of us with our part this past Sunday. She's going to school at BYU-Idaho, so she made the 4-hour drive to Utah yesterday so we could rehearse together for the first time.

Today we recorded the music track! Our awesome friend John Sergeant accompanied us.

For those of you doing the math, yep, we had 4 days to learn the song, 1 day of practicing together, and then we recorded it! Haha! Tiffany arranged it, sang it with us, and also played her cello for the recording. THAT is talent, folks.

We leave to pick up the finished recording in a few hours; can't wait to hear how it sounds!

Tamara, Tanya, Natalie, Tiffany (and her cello), and Christina:

John Sergeant doing his magic: