Saturday, December 10, 2011

America's Got Talent - Audition Day

Outside the hotel room this morning; we're excited and very, very nervous
 The day we've been practicing for has finally arrived!

We woke up early this morning, practiced our songs for a few hours, did hair and makeup, had breakfast, and left for the Convention Center.

What a big place this is! We enjoyed meeting new people and seeing so many different talents. We checked in, got our wristbands, and waited in a big holding room. It had cement floors and tons of chairs set up. We practiced our songs a few times and loved seeing other performers' enthusiastic reaction to us; such a fun, supportive group of people!

After a few hours our group was called up to the next floor; still a big room but smaller than the first. It had carpet, chairs set up in circles, and a couple of makeup mirrors with lights, and a mini-stage. We practiced our songs a few times here, too, and enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces.

We had lunch, played card games on the floor with new-found friends, and tried to relax while we waited for our turn to audition. Christina's daughter Lizzie came with us to California and she did such a great job with the long days; sweet little mascot girl.

They finally called our group and we auditioned in a smaller room with judges and a few other groups of people. We did our best and hoped it was good enough. After all the groups in the room had auditioned we were led outside the room and waited for a few minutes. Then a kind lady came out and thanked the other groups and told us that we would audition for the next set of judges. Yay!

We went to another floor and waited in a smallish room with several other groups and people. We met the group "Radio for the People" and they sang their audition song for us. We were impressed by their voices, interaction, and sincerity. What an awesome group of guys!

They asked us to sing for them and we did. After we finished, the whole room was quiet for a few seconds, and then everyone broke out in applause. What an amazing feeling to be surrounded by such supportive people!

Finally, it was our turn to audition for the 2nd round judges. It was a great experience.They were very nice, kind, and smiled (even though it was quite late by this time and we're sure they were ready to go home!)

We were asked to go down to the Processing room and fill out paperwork. Now we anxiously await the results!