Saturday, July 13, 2013

Epic Adventure: The Big Reveal

We're having an incredible weekend filming "Lament of the Highborne"!!! It's a song from Blizzard's World of Warcraft online game. We recorded the song last March and have spent months preparing to shoot the music video.

Here's the story behind Natalie's character, Sylvanas Windrunner. It's quite sad. Her eldest sister, Alleria Windrunner, is played by Tanya; youngest sister Vereesa Windrunner is played by Tiffany. We made our own interpretation of the story and added the Mother Windrunner character, played by Christina.

Here's the link to the original song/video by Blizzard: Lament of the Highborne

We've got an amazing group of people here at the Cabin: Mom and Dad, Keith and Christina (and their 4 children), Tanya, Tiffany, Natalie, Samuel Gale-Hess (our sweet cousin), Michael Coones (our friend and awesome videographer/producer), Tiffanie and Alvaro Zilleruelo (Tiffanie is doing a fantastic job with our hair and makeup), and Doug (who made Natalie's stunning bow).

We plan to submit our music video to Blizzard (the company behind World of Warcraft). Wahoo!

Here are a few teasers of our favorite shots from this weekend. We'll post more next week.

Natalie in the woods

Tanya, Natalie, Tiffany, and Christina

Natalie as Sylvanas during a bluescreen shot