Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pictures from the Party!!!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make our Pre-Screening Party a success!

We had a wonderful program, delicious popcorn, incredible friends and family, and an amazing video. What a fantastic night.

Oooh! Look at those red shoes! Could those be a foreshadowing of something to come?

What a lovely group of supporters!

The Program and Popcorn.
We had a few speeches: Christina Gale Borrowman "Welcome and History of GaleSong", Keith Borrowman II "History of World of Warcraft Franchise and Lore", Tiffany Gale "Why I Chose 'Lament of the Highborne'", Michael Coones "High Points and Challenges Behind the Making of the Video", Natalie Gale "Being Sylvanas", and Tanya Gale "Thank You's, Sneak Preview of Our Next Project".
We watched a few videos: Pre-Screening of "Lament of the Highborne", "Making of", and "Bloopers".
We snacked on delicious popcorn made by Cynthia Gale and Samuel Gale-Hess.
The production team behind "Lament of the Highborne". We're holding a poster that we all signed. It's going to be worth millions someday. Just you wait!
Back Row, L-R: Doug Nelson, Keith Borrowman III, Alvaro Zilleruelo, Samuel Hess, Craig Gale, Michael Coones, Cynthia Gale, John Sergeant.
Front Row, L-R: Tanya Gale, Snowflake, Christina Gale Borrowman, Tiffany Gale, Sylvia Muhlestein.

Our next epic project? "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Music Video! 
First though, a small-scale video for the "DoTerra's Got Talent" Contest.
We performed the song last night as a "teaser".