Friday, January 18, 2008

Creating GaleSong

Earlier this month, Mom was reading the news and came across an NBC page that talked about the “America’s Got Talent” auditions. She thought about us and wondered if we might be interested in trying out for something like this. We all agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to improve our singing and have fun spending time together as sisters.

We had our first official meeting today to decide: our goals, our dreams, which roles each of us would play in our group, the name of our group, which song we should record first, and what to do about costuming.

Originally, we wanted our group name to be “NightinGales” because it’s a play on our last name (Gale) and the songbird that sings at night (we love to stay up late!) We quickly discovered, however, that there was already a group with the name we liked so we decided on “GaleSong”; still a play on our last name, and the fact that we like music. 

A few of our costume ideas: