Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Beginnings of GaleSong

About GaleSong:

We are five sisters who have recently formalized our singing group, although we have been singing together for many years. We range in age from 30 to 14 years old and our voices range from high soprano to low alto. Our favorite songs are those that allow us to do tight harmonies; we especially enjoy Celtic, Christian Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, and Country Music.

Our Dream:

We love using music to express how we feel. Our goal as GaleSong is to be role models and examples to other young women and ladies. We recognize that each of us has experienced trials and difficulties in life. Even though we have all felt sad, alone, and lost at times, music has a very powerful way of lifting us up and inspiring us to better ourselves and enjoy life.

Before GaleSong:

We have always enjoyed singing together and have wanted to record a CD for several years. Our wonderful parents, Craig and Cynthia Gale, decided to buy us time in a recording studio for our Christmas present in 2007.

Our goal was to sing some of our favorite songs and have them professionally recorded for our family and friends to enjoy. In two sessions in the fall of 2007 (30 Aug 2007, 20 Nov 2007), we recorded 14 songs and put them onto two CDs that we titled, “Blessings” and “Over The Rainbow”. We were very pleased with the recordings and shared the CDs with relatives and close friends.

Everyone who heard the CDs commented that we have beautiful voices and that we should market ourselves to a bigger audience! We decided to plan on doing some more recordings at a future date and find out how to sell our CDs.

 Ending Thoughts:

We hope you'll enjoy reading our Blog! We'll try to keep it updated with our performances, trips, recordings, and lots of pictures.